Monday, July 27, 2009

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Hi y'all,

This week was crucial because we are half way done and have half way left! Need to stay focused. :)

I am only speaking spanish now in class and teaching in spanish. I am working hard on my pronunctiation, because I have a french accent. lol. 

Updates: I am the new coordinating sister in my zone, which is basically like the sister zone leader. I am in charge of the girls in my zone (there is 6 of us total) I check up on them and make sure they are doing well. I go to leadership meetings. Its a nice responsibility. I also am talking in relief society the second week-end of august to share my conversion story. There has been some cool ones, from sisters from China, Korea, Mongolia, Italy..yeah I am the United States one! :) That will be awesome, its in front of like 500 sisters. 

I am learning lots about the Gospel, Spanish and how to connect to investigaters. I am so excited for Iowa! I love people and I love helping them. I cant imagine the joy I will feel, teaching about the Gospel I love and watching them change in front of my eyes. We started calling and chatting with real people out in the world! I talked to a nice lady, named Lizzie from Florida. She is 78 and loves God and the bible. It was way awesome sharing my conversion story with her and setting her up to meet with missionaries. I wrote her a letter also. :) I got a little taste of how itll be and Im stoked.\

I love you all and would like to hear from you. :) MTC is great 4 more weeks left for me here then Iowa.
-Hermana Murphy

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