Monday, September 27, 2010


Hello World,

The Spanish 5th branch is going to make progress!!!! We had a meeting with the branch president and other leaders of the branch discussing missionary work and how we can strengthen the branch. We were open about needing a mission leader as well as other members in the branch available to help us with the missionary work. The meeting was positive and the leaders are willing to help us. We told them that we are willing to plan activities and opportunities for their friends to come to church, as well as service. We dont have a car right now, so we are in need of rides. We are praying that the branch will help, they will be more determined now considering it will be cold soon. :)

The top investigators we have at the moment are Hermano Serrano, Jose Rubio, Lucia, Arut and Guedalupe, Magali & Luis and Gladis & Eder. Hermano Serrano has been reading in the Book of Mormon and he feels really good about it. We love seeing his wife, that is less-active, get involved. She is becoming more excited about church and coming back. We are helping them find their testimonies and have the desire to follow God's commandments. They need to get married, so he can be baptized. We are going to keep encouraging that, it will happen in October, if things work out. He has been following the Word of Wisdom! Jose Rubio came to Priesthood this Sunday and is continuing to read the Book of Mormon. He feels it is true and has recognized his increase in happiness because of the Gospel. He constantly has questions and we are doing our best, with the help of the Spirit, to answer them! Once he is converted, he says he will be solid. He wants to make sure it is right, because it will be a big change and impact his family. He is praying about the 30th of October. Lucia is a newer investigator that we have been seeing often. She doesnt have much religious background, but believes in Christ. She came to church on Sunday but wasnt very impressed. We arent sure what she was expecting, but she said she didnt learn anything new and it was okay. We dont think that the branch gave her a warm welcome, so we are going to work on that. She wants to keep coming and learning. We invited her to read the BOM daily and to pray constantly so that she will be as prepared as possible to feel the Spirit at church. She has believed what we have taught her, but we are going to work on relating it more to her and why she needs the Gospel. Arut and Geudalupe are so cool! They were a referrel from the ZLS. After we taught them about the law of chastity (the first lesson) we showed up and Guadelupe had a ring on her finger! We are working with them on their marriage, it will probably happen within the next few weeks. They have the desire to be baptized, so we are seeing them twice a week. They need to quit smoking, so we are going to do the workshop with them. We are excited about them! They are parents of 3 children and want to be good examples for them. Magali and Luis have been reading the BOM and have had some neat experiences lately with prayer. Tonight we will be teaching them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and bearing testimony on how the Atonement has affected our lives. They need to see how the gospel can positively affect them and have the desire to make the appropriate changes to accept it in their family. Gladis and Eder are also reading, and we are encouraging them to come to church! It is getting frustrating because she has work and he has soccer on Sundays. We feel if they gain a strong enough testimony of the Gospel, they will have the desire to make the sacrifices. Right now, they dont have the faith. We are going to help them build that faith.

We had some really great spiritual experiences this week. Elder Zwick from the Seventy (who is Sister Jergensens brother) came and did training with us. We discussed how to become more effective missionaries and to reach our potential. We did a teaching activity where missionaries were called up to go to the front and well, teach, in front of everyone. We were picked and were able to choose our topic, and we discussed the atonement and our ability to repent. It was a little scary, but we focused on following the Spirit and the Lord helped us! At the end of the meeting we were able to share our testimonies on something special we learned from the meeting. I expressed my gratitude for eternal families and the oopportunity I have to help "complete" families. We are able to go step in the lives of God's children and invite them to follow our Savior Jesus Christ and accept His Gospel. It is wonderful! Saturday night was the General Relief Society meeting for the church. It was very uplifting! :) I am glad that the women's organization was formed, because it provides fellowship in the church. :) We heard talks that were given to help guide us as women, and remind us of our divine potential. We have purpose and God loves us. Unfortunately, the world has the impression that we dont get much "power" in the church, but I testify that we are equal partners with our husbands and have been blessed with unique gifts. We have been blessed with the ability to have families and teach our children. Most of the Hermanas came to the dinner and conference (which was broadcasted from Utah). I encourage all of you out there to watch General Conference- it will be aired next week-end on byu tv, both Saturday and Sunday. (11 am- 1pm 3pm -5pm midwest time). It will be great and we get to hear from the true Prophet of God and the Apostles! Wahoo! I love you all and miss you!

Hermana Murphy

Monday, September 20, 2010



I witnessed my first stabbing this week. :) We work in the ghetto. I also ate pig skin again and I actually like it. We have been residents at the Value place again due to the bed bugs hatching eggs in our apartment. Yummy! We may be going back there tomorrow. The APS stayed at our apartment to test it out last night. We want them to leave! We have been blessed in the work this week. We did some tracting (we never really have to) and lots of white people yelled at us. I have more respect for english speaking missionaries. The Spanish invite us in and feed us, while the Engish freak out when we mention the church's name and scream "NOOOO!!!!" I think they have heard rumors. We really dont have horns, I promise. :)

We have lots of updates on the people we are teaching. The Lord has blessed us with lots of success this week. We set a date with Hermano Serrano! November 13th. He is the cutest man ever. He has been reading in the Book of Mormon and retaining information. We also read with him when we go to his house. His girlfriend, that is less-active, came to church on Sunday! We were so excited. I ran up and hugged her. She hasnt been for years. These two need to get married, Hermana Amaya said she would if he stops drinking...and he has stopped. We are encouraging them to live the Law of Chastity. This week, Hermano Serrano prayed for the first time! It was really special. Israel is ready to be baptized...except the whole probation thing. He will be on probabation until January. We let him know the cicumstances and he said he is willing to wait if he has to. We have lots of investigators praying about baptism. Jose Rubio went to Mexico and saw his family. He is preparing for the end of October and we have challenged him (we will do it too) to start the BOM today and finish it by October 23rd to be ready for his baptism. We feel this will help him a lot. He constantly has questions and feels good about the church. His wife isnt supportive though so that is a hardship. Gladis and Eder made some progress this week. Eder never really talks in the lessons but he opened up this week. He asked us lots of questions and we have studied them and will teach him based on his questions this week. He has committed to coming to church this Sunday with the kids. He plays in a soccer league on Sundays but it should be over. We had an intense lesson last night about keeping the Sabbath Day Holy. Gladis always has work on Sundays and we encourage her to pray to God to provide a way to come to church. This is her road block and it is slowing down her progression. Eder made a point that she needs to provide for her family. We said, yes she does but it is more important to provide for them spiritually. We arent here to make money, we are here on earth to make promises with Heavenly Father as a family to live eternally with Him. We are trying to help them see the eternal perspectives. Yes, it takes sacrifice, but the blessings will come once they show God they are willing to choose Him over money. We are teaching them the Restoration tonight, both have heard it but its important that they have a strong testimony of it to have the strength to move forward through trials. Others that are praying about dates: Arut and Guadalupe, Esekiel, Lucia and Beatrice, Maria and Jorge, Professo, and Magali and Luis. The Lord has blessed us with amazing new people this week that have been prepared. Magali and Luis have really opened up this week as well about their desires and their roadblocks to getting baptized. Maria and Jorge have a family member that passed away, so the plan of salvation brought more peace to their life. It is amazing how the Gospel can help everyone!
Our recent converts are doing well. Pedro had been offended by a member but we taught forgiveness and patience. The same thing happened to Hector but he is over it. Hector expressed with us this week how special going to the Temple was for him. We are thankful that we were able to go to witness that!

We are excited for the week ahead of us. Guthrie is doing well. Her spanish is getting better! She is always happy and smiling. It is great. The weather is changing and it is getting cold! Bahhhhhhhhhhhh! Please pray for Esmerelda, because she is one of my best friends that is a member and found out that she had a mis carriage. :( She has such strong faith and love for the Lord, she is handling it really well. We have Mission conference this week, it is going to be great!

Love you all,
Hermana Murphy

Monday, September 13, 2010

back at the apt...

Hello out there!

We are going back to the evil apartment tomorrow. President had the APs stay in it and they came out alive with no bites! There is hope. :) We have enjoyed staying at the Value Place..I recommend it. lol. I have enjoyed riding passenger..I get to write in the area book, make numerous phone calls and listen to the sweet new cds we got at the Nauvoo bookstore! Mercy River is one of my favorites now. Kind of girly, but it brings the Spirit. We got to meet the new Hermana! She is so sweet and excited to work. She will do well with Hermana McGuire training her in Hampton. She is my grand daughter in the mission, I am growing "old". I cant believe I only have two transfers left. Yikes. Don't worry, we are working hard. We love this area and the people! This week went pretty well. The branch is growing and becoming stronger. While we have been working with the members, I feel that our branch has more of a desire to serve others. I am really excited about it. We finally had a correlation meeting yesterday and our branch president was there, he had lots of good tips. :) We also have members ready to help us this week with member presents, they enjoy coming out with us.

Israel's baptismal date has been moved to the 25th of September because of word of wisdom issues. We are seeing him every day this week, to teach him as well as motivate him to not smoke. It is hard for him because his family does it, so he is constantly tempted. He has the desire to change and be baptized so I have faith that he wont smoke again! His last one was on he can stay strong and drop it completely. If we need to we will do the stop smoking workshop we did with Pedro.
Jose Rubio wants to get baptized sometime in October. He is in MExico right now, visiting his family. His wife is not supportive of the church, so that is bringing Jose down. He has received an answer that the church is true, and can notice that the Spirit has been more in his life...just doesnt want a divorce. He has faith that if he does what God wants him to do, that path will bring him the most happiness. He is going to express his beliefs to his wife and let her decide what she wants to do. We read 1 Cor 7 with him about divorce. We arent swaying him one way or the other, just encouraging him to pray and do what Heavenly Father prompts him to do. He has progressed alot!

Gladis and Eder...this family is wonderful! We are trying to get them excited about marriage!!! They are praying about the 23rd of October. Tonight we are going to have a family home evening and teach the first, as well as focus on families. Their anxiety about whether their marriage will end in divorce, can be cured if their realize the impact the Gospel will make on their family! Yes, they will have trials with and without the Gospel, but with the Gospel they will receive strength through Christ and their testimonies. We have a case study to share with them from a family that found strength through the covenants they had made in the Temple. We are seeing the family together hopefully 3 times this week and Gladis by herself twice.

Hermano Serrano is holding strong with the word of wisdom! He came to church as well. We enjoy teaching him because he really wants to change. His girlfriend (LA) listens in on the lessons and has lots of questions. We are happy to teach her as well.

As far as our recent converts and less-actives...Hector has forgiven those that offended him. He also has hometeachers now. He seemed happy at church on Sunday. Pedro wasnt at church, we are not sure why. I know his hometeachers stopped by his house on Sunday. We will see him this week as well. We thanked the leaders of the branch for their help with the recent converts. We are trying to emphasize how important their role is as members to help fellowship them. We are trying to pass them on to the members completely. Gloria Hernandez (LA) has decided to move and will be going to an english branch. We are supportive of her desire to go to church, but we feel she will return to the branch because its better to hear the gospel in your native language.

Other news for the week, we met Elder Finnerty's parents! haha He served in the Des Moines branch and came by to visit because he finished his mission. That was fun! Elder Finito! We also did service with Habitat for the Humanity. We built houses, and I used a power tool. Crazy huh! It was really exciting actually. I plan on getting into construction. Not really. But I wouldnt mind using power tools on a regular basis. Last week we helped with Heartland, an organization that puts food packets together and takes them to Africa to feed the starving families. I love service! Once I am hope between church, playing volleyball, school, family and friends...I want to do service and help out the community. :) Eventually do peacecorps. Anyways love you all and will talk to you next week. Share the Gospel with atleast one person this week- your beliefs whatever they might be. Spread the love and the hugs. The branch misses your piano skills, Hermana Reese and your sonrisa. muah!

Hermana Murphy

Wednesday, September 8, 2010



We still have little buggies, so we are staying in a hotel right now. Wahoo! The highlight of the week was going to the Nauvoo Temple and doing baptisms for the dead with the branch. Hector was able to come, and it was so amazing! We are so lucky that the priesthood has been restored and we have temples to do the work for the dead. Hector and Pedro are doing pretty good. Hector got in a quarrel with some of the members because they picked him up late, but he will get over it. We have to be patient and forgive people! Pedro is hesitant to pay tithing because he doesnt have much money, but I am sure he will follow through. He understands the importance of it and that he will receive blessings! He looks so cute in the glasses he got. My dad sent us some frames for him and he was so happy. I got out of the car and showed him I had them and he jumped up and down, clapping his hands like a kid in a candy shop. I just love him! We get to meet his sister because she is visiting soon. The lowlight was definitely getting in a car accident! If I have learned anything on my mission, I have learned that sometimes there arent white lines telling you where to stop in an intersection, as well as ambulances can run you over like a tank. Thats all. We are safe and happy and so is the patient that was in the ambulance. Thank you, Heavenly Father. :) Accidents happen.
Israel is going to be ready for his baptism on the 18th; he is progressing very nicely. We are trying to set a solid date with Jose Rubio for October. He is going to Mexico to see his family and talk to his wife about the church. He has had lots of questions about divorce because his wife is not supporting him and his beliefs. He knows this is true and called us letting us know he has realized the importance of baptism. We hope that the things with his family get worked out for the better. Today we are sharing scriptures with him from the bible and the teachings of Christ about divorce. Gladis and Eder are praying about the 23rd of October for their wedding and baptism. We had an indepth lesson on obedience, law of chastity, repentance and marriage. They understand that God has blessings in store for them, and He wants them to receive them but they need to follow the law of chastity. We have lots of faith that they will be baptized in October. They are going to try to come to the english ward this Sunday and we are going to translate for them. Their work schedules makes it hard for them to come earlier to our branch, they are attempting to change it. We are teaching lots of people right now that know people from the branch, and that is a huge blessing. Irene is the sister of Hermana Torres, the Garcia family know Hermano Galvan (member refferrel), Luis is the brother of Hermana Santana...the list goes on. It is awesome! We had a lesson last night with Magali and Luis, it was picture perfect, the whole family sitting together, reading from the Book of Mormon. They are starting to grow a love for the scriptures. We have found some new potential this week as well. Marisa has changed since we first saw her, she is smiling more and more positive. She has had a rough life but she is letting the Atonement take effect in her life. It is beautiful. We contacted a referrel from the english Elders, and he is now a progressing investigator! His name is Lucio and his wife is less-active. He came to church on Sunday and really has the desire to be baptized...needs to quit drinking but he has confidence he can do that with the help of Christ. The branch is getting stronger and we are doing all we can to help the Lord in His work.

Hermana Guthrie is doing well. We are working lots on her spanish. We are thinking of ways to practice it throughout the day like I am going to read her sentences in Spanish and she will repeat me while we are driving. I hope it works out! She is so positive and excited about the work, she makes me happy. We will be good friends. A new Hermana came out this week and will be with Hermana McGuire and Hepworth in Hampton! They will have fun there together. I am excited to meet her!

We have been working with lots of less actives as well, trying to get them to come back to church. Heavenly Father has really lead us to some great families that will contribute to the branch was they come back.

The work is great and God is great. Love you all! Kyle and Krisia, I am so happy you are getting sealed in the temple. You are the cutest couple ever and now will have an eternal family. Wahoo!

Talk to you soon,
Hermana Murphy