Monday, September 20, 2010



I witnessed my first stabbing this week. :) We work in the ghetto. I also ate pig skin again and I actually like it. We have been residents at the Value place again due to the bed bugs hatching eggs in our apartment. Yummy! We may be going back there tomorrow. The APS stayed at our apartment to test it out last night. We want them to leave! We have been blessed in the work this week. We did some tracting (we never really have to) and lots of white people yelled at us. I have more respect for english speaking missionaries. The Spanish invite us in and feed us, while the Engish freak out when we mention the church's name and scream "NOOOO!!!!" I think they have heard rumors. We really dont have horns, I promise. :)

We have lots of updates on the people we are teaching. The Lord has blessed us with lots of success this week. We set a date with Hermano Serrano! November 13th. He is the cutest man ever. He has been reading in the Book of Mormon and retaining information. We also read with him when we go to his house. His girlfriend, that is less-active, came to church on Sunday! We were so excited. I ran up and hugged her. She hasnt been for years. These two need to get married, Hermana Amaya said she would if he stops drinking...and he has stopped. We are encouraging them to live the Law of Chastity. This week, Hermano Serrano prayed for the first time! It was really special. Israel is ready to be baptized...except the whole probation thing. He will be on probabation until January. We let him know the cicumstances and he said he is willing to wait if he has to. We have lots of investigators praying about baptism. Jose Rubio went to Mexico and saw his family. He is preparing for the end of October and we have challenged him (we will do it too) to start the BOM today and finish it by October 23rd to be ready for his baptism. We feel this will help him a lot. He constantly has questions and feels good about the church. His wife isnt supportive though so that is a hardship. Gladis and Eder made some progress this week. Eder never really talks in the lessons but he opened up this week. He asked us lots of questions and we have studied them and will teach him based on his questions this week. He has committed to coming to church this Sunday with the kids. He plays in a soccer league on Sundays but it should be over. We had an intense lesson last night about keeping the Sabbath Day Holy. Gladis always has work on Sundays and we encourage her to pray to God to provide a way to come to church. This is her road block and it is slowing down her progression. Eder made a point that she needs to provide for her family. We said, yes she does but it is more important to provide for them spiritually. We arent here to make money, we are here on earth to make promises with Heavenly Father as a family to live eternally with Him. We are trying to help them see the eternal perspectives. Yes, it takes sacrifice, but the blessings will come once they show God they are willing to choose Him over money. We are teaching them the Restoration tonight, both have heard it but its important that they have a strong testimony of it to have the strength to move forward through trials. Others that are praying about dates: Arut and Guadalupe, Esekiel, Lucia and Beatrice, Maria and Jorge, Professo, and Magali and Luis. The Lord has blessed us with amazing new people this week that have been prepared. Magali and Luis have really opened up this week as well about their desires and their roadblocks to getting baptized. Maria and Jorge have a family member that passed away, so the plan of salvation brought more peace to their life. It is amazing how the Gospel can help everyone!
Our recent converts are doing well. Pedro had been offended by a member but we taught forgiveness and patience. The same thing happened to Hector but he is over it. Hector expressed with us this week how special going to the Temple was for him. We are thankful that we were able to go to witness that!

We are excited for the week ahead of us. Guthrie is doing well. Her spanish is getting better! She is always happy and smiling. It is great. The weather is changing and it is getting cold! Bahhhhhhhhhhhh! Please pray for Esmerelda, because she is one of my best friends that is a member and found out that she had a mis carriage. :( She has such strong faith and love for the Lord, she is handling it really well. We have Mission conference this week, it is going to be great!

Love you all,
Hermana Murphy

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