Wednesday, September 8, 2010



We still have little buggies, so we are staying in a hotel right now. Wahoo! The highlight of the week was going to the Nauvoo Temple and doing baptisms for the dead with the branch. Hector was able to come, and it was so amazing! We are so lucky that the priesthood has been restored and we have temples to do the work for the dead. Hector and Pedro are doing pretty good. Hector got in a quarrel with some of the members because they picked him up late, but he will get over it. We have to be patient and forgive people! Pedro is hesitant to pay tithing because he doesnt have much money, but I am sure he will follow through. He understands the importance of it and that he will receive blessings! He looks so cute in the glasses he got. My dad sent us some frames for him and he was so happy. I got out of the car and showed him I had them and he jumped up and down, clapping his hands like a kid in a candy shop. I just love him! We get to meet his sister because she is visiting soon. The lowlight was definitely getting in a car accident! If I have learned anything on my mission, I have learned that sometimes there arent white lines telling you where to stop in an intersection, as well as ambulances can run you over like a tank. Thats all. We are safe and happy and so is the patient that was in the ambulance. Thank you, Heavenly Father. :) Accidents happen.
Israel is going to be ready for his baptism on the 18th; he is progressing very nicely. We are trying to set a solid date with Jose Rubio for October. He is going to Mexico to see his family and talk to his wife about the church. He has had lots of questions about divorce because his wife is not supporting him and his beliefs. He knows this is true and called us letting us know he has realized the importance of baptism. We hope that the things with his family get worked out for the better. Today we are sharing scriptures with him from the bible and the teachings of Christ about divorce. Gladis and Eder are praying about the 23rd of October for their wedding and baptism. We had an indepth lesson on obedience, law of chastity, repentance and marriage. They understand that God has blessings in store for them, and He wants them to receive them but they need to follow the law of chastity. We have lots of faith that they will be baptized in October. They are going to try to come to the english ward this Sunday and we are going to translate for them. Their work schedules makes it hard for them to come earlier to our branch, they are attempting to change it. We are teaching lots of people right now that know people from the branch, and that is a huge blessing. Irene is the sister of Hermana Torres, the Garcia family know Hermano Galvan (member refferrel), Luis is the brother of Hermana Santana...the list goes on. It is awesome! We had a lesson last night with Magali and Luis, it was picture perfect, the whole family sitting together, reading from the Book of Mormon. They are starting to grow a love for the scriptures. We have found some new potential this week as well. Marisa has changed since we first saw her, she is smiling more and more positive. She has had a rough life but she is letting the Atonement take effect in her life. It is beautiful. We contacted a referrel from the english Elders, and he is now a progressing investigator! His name is Lucio and his wife is less-active. He came to church on Sunday and really has the desire to be baptized...needs to quit drinking but he has confidence he can do that with the help of Christ. The branch is getting stronger and we are doing all we can to help the Lord in His work.

Hermana Guthrie is doing well. We are working lots on her spanish. We are thinking of ways to practice it throughout the day like I am going to read her sentences in Spanish and she will repeat me while we are driving. I hope it works out! She is so positive and excited about the work, she makes me happy. We will be good friends. A new Hermana came out this week and will be with Hermana McGuire and Hepworth in Hampton! They will have fun there together. I am excited to meet her!

We have been working with lots of less actives as well, trying to get them to come back to church. Heavenly Father has really lead us to some great families that will contribute to the branch was they come back.

The work is great and God is great. Love you all! Kyle and Krisia, I am so happy you are getting sealed in the temple. You are the cutest couple ever and now will have an eternal family. Wahoo!

Talk to you soon,
Hermana Murphy

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