Monday, August 30, 2010


Hello peeps,

Dun Dun Dun...the bed bugs are back and laying eggs. Sick! We moved out once again into the mission home. We are going kind of crazy. :) But other news...
Hector was baptized! The baptismal service was wonderful! Our branch has become so much more supportive of missionary work, it is amazing! Hermano Otanez was able to do a special musical number and Hector liked it so much he asked for him to do it again instead of a closing hymn. That was cute. Hector is excited to grow in the Gospel and learn. He will be receiving the Priesthood Wednesday night, so that he can go and do baptisms for the dead on Saturday with the branch when we all go to Nauvoo (we hope to get permission to go). We are meeting with him tonight and are going to teach him more about the priesthood and temples. He is going to continue to strengthen his testimomy, he loves reading and praying. He will get his home teachers soon. When Sister Jergesen went out with us, we went to the shelter and taught him a lesson. That was a special experience too!

Jose Rubio came to Priesthood again this Sunday. He enjoys coming to church, but his work schedule is an obstacle for him to come to sacrament. We are praying lots for his wife to have a change of heart, because right now she isnt supportive and that makes him nervous. We have faith that all will work out. He is preparing for the 25th of September. He is growing fond of the BOM and likes reading it. He really liked our lesson on Sunday; we went over the 17 points of the true church. The idea of Temples was amazing to him so we are going to watch the church video, "Between Heaven and Earth" about temples. He was able to come to Hector's baptism, so that helped him know what to expect. Lately he has been telling us how happy he feels and we are trying to help him realize those feelings come from the Spirit.

This week, we had a strong lesson with Israel and he really gets it. We went over the Plan of Salvation and he taught us about Adam and Eve and he really understands our purpose in life. We are really excited about his potential. He is preparing for the 18th to be baptized. He couldnt come to church because of his ride, Jennifer couldnt come. She is his guardian because he is on probation (he got in a car wreck without license and insurance), but starting Tuesday he can ride with members of the church to activities. Wahoo!

So Gladis and Eder have decided that they will get married and be baptized together. We are shooting for the 25th of September. I promised them that they will be prepared if we can teach them atleast twice a week. We are going over there tonight for dinner. I am excited about them! I hope that all will work out with her work schedule, her boss promised a change in September.

We finally had Hermana Santana come with us to teach Luis, her brother and his wife. We taught about families and had Hna Santana talk about how the church has blessed her relationship with her husband. We also had a spiritual lesson when Hermana Jergesen came with us as well. She taught them about the Atonement and I translated. It was beautiful! They really understood the Plan of Salvation and want to follow the Gospel..they have trouble living the Sabbath day because of work as well.

Pedro is a little sad right now because of his living conditions and immigration is out. We taught him and adversity and faith and church on Sunday helped him feel better. We are asking the brethren to really fellowship him. He will be receiving the Priesthood on Sunday. We went and ate with a less-active family, The Sanchez. We will be going back in 2 weeks. They are a nice family and have desires to come back, but they arent willing to live the Law of Chastity so we are teaching them more about that.

This Sunday we helped teach Primary and love it! Some of the teachers bail, so we help fill in and teach with the Hermanas in the branch. Debbie and my birthday activity was a hit as well! Lots of fellowshipping went down. Gladis and her family were there, Hector, Jose Rubio, Israel and his family, and Eva. It was fun and we shared a lesson at the end! Wahoo! We even had carne asada and a pinata and I got my head pushed in my birthday cake. :) Guess its tradition. I liked it. Happy that I am 22! Thanks to all of you that sent me cards and presents. hehe.

Well I love you all! Have a great week!

Hermana Murphy

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