Monday, September 27, 2010


Hello World,

The Spanish 5th branch is going to make progress!!!! We had a meeting with the branch president and other leaders of the branch discussing missionary work and how we can strengthen the branch. We were open about needing a mission leader as well as other members in the branch available to help us with the missionary work. The meeting was positive and the leaders are willing to help us. We told them that we are willing to plan activities and opportunities for their friends to come to church, as well as service. We dont have a car right now, so we are in need of rides. We are praying that the branch will help, they will be more determined now considering it will be cold soon. :)

The top investigators we have at the moment are Hermano Serrano, Jose Rubio, Lucia, Arut and Guedalupe, Magali & Luis and Gladis & Eder. Hermano Serrano has been reading in the Book of Mormon and he feels really good about it. We love seeing his wife, that is less-active, get involved. She is becoming more excited about church and coming back. We are helping them find their testimonies and have the desire to follow God's commandments. They need to get married, so he can be baptized. We are going to keep encouraging that, it will happen in October, if things work out. He has been following the Word of Wisdom! Jose Rubio came to Priesthood this Sunday and is continuing to read the Book of Mormon. He feels it is true and has recognized his increase in happiness because of the Gospel. He constantly has questions and we are doing our best, with the help of the Spirit, to answer them! Once he is converted, he says he will be solid. He wants to make sure it is right, because it will be a big change and impact his family. He is praying about the 30th of October. Lucia is a newer investigator that we have been seeing often. She doesnt have much religious background, but believes in Christ. She came to church on Sunday but wasnt very impressed. We arent sure what she was expecting, but she said she didnt learn anything new and it was okay. We dont think that the branch gave her a warm welcome, so we are going to work on that. She wants to keep coming and learning. We invited her to read the BOM daily and to pray constantly so that she will be as prepared as possible to feel the Spirit at church. She has believed what we have taught her, but we are going to work on relating it more to her and why she needs the Gospel. Arut and Geudalupe are so cool! They were a referrel from the ZLS. After we taught them about the law of chastity (the first lesson) we showed up and Guadelupe had a ring on her finger! We are working with them on their marriage, it will probably happen within the next few weeks. They have the desire to be baptized, so we are seeing them twice a week. They need to quit smoking, so we are going to do the workshop with them. We are excited about them! They are parents of 3 children and want to be good examples for them. Magali and Luis have been reading the BOM and have had some neat experiences lately with prayer. Tonight we will be teaching them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and bearing testimony on how the Atonement has affected our lives. They need to see how the gospel can positively affect them and have the desire to make the appropriate changes to accept it in their family. Gladis and Eder are also reading, and we are encouraging them to come to church! It is getting frustrating because she has work and he has soccer on Sundays. We feel if they gain a strong enough testimony of the Gospel, they will have the desire to make the sacrifices. Right now, they dont have the faith. We are going to help them build that faith.

We had some really great spiritual experiences this week. Elder Zwick from the Seventy (who is Sister Jergensens brother) came and did training with us. We discussed how to become more effective missionaries and to reach our potential. We did a teaching activity where missionaries were called up to go to the front and well, teach, in front of everyone. We were picked and were able to choose our topic, and we discussed the atonement and our ability to repent. It was a little scary, but we focused on following the Spirit and the Lord helped us! At the end of the meeting we were able to share our testimonies on something special we learned from the meeting. I expressed my gratitude for eternal families and the oopportunity I have to help "complete" families. We are able to go step in the lives of God's children and invite them to follow our Savior Jesus Christ and accept His Gospel. It is wonderful! Saturday night was the General Relief Society meeting for the church. It was very uplifting! :) I am glad that the women's organization was formed, because it provides fellowship in the church. :) We heard talks that were given to help guide us as women, and remind us of our divine potential. We have purpose and God loves us. Unfortunately, the world has the impression that we dont get much "power" in the church, but I testify that we are equal partners with our husbands and have been blessed with unique gifts. We have been blessed with the ability to have families and teach our children. Most of the Hermanas came to the dinner and conference (which was broadcasted from Utah). I encourage all of you out there to watch General Conference- it will be aired next week-end on byu tv, both Saturday and Sunday. (11 am- 1pm 3pm -5pm midwest time). It will be great and we get to hear from the true Prophet of God and the Apostles! Wahoo! I love you all and miss you!

Hermana Murphy

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