Monday, July 6, 2009


hey everyone. This week was crazy busy! I am getting in the groove of things..spanish, studying the scriptures, teaching the lessons...The hardest part has been forcing myself to speak the language. I feel awkward because I have a french accent. lol. We have been learning how to teach with the Holy Ghost. It has been way cool to learn how to let the Spirit lead the lessons. It takes faith to go into an investigater's house with a basic lesson outline and based on the questions we ask them, to adapt the lesson to their needs. Also in Spanish! So I will be depending a lot on the help of the Lord.

Lets see: highlights of this week: probably the Fourth of July celebration. We had a special devotional Saturday night and after we got to watch fireworks outside. :) yeah! Then ummm eating gluten free pizza that is amazing. Going to the Temple today with my companions was awesome. We were there for 3 hours! I like the Provo Temple- we will be going every Monday during p day. Today I got 2 packages! One from Mom and one from Dad. Stellar.

I really like my district. We were seriously meant to be together. Everyone has their quirky personality and we are willing to work hard but also have a few laughs here and there. I learned how to testift, pray, meet an investigater, get to know them, make an appointment and share a brief lesson about the family (in Spanish). Every week we have tasks that we need to have done and we get tested on how well we prepared them. A lot is on me to study- so I am trying to get a routine now. We have Spanish tutoring here too and teacher evalution of the lessons we teach. The MTC is a great place to prepare for a mission. I love everyone and hope to hear from y'all. :)

-Hermana Murphy

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