Sunday, July 26, 2009

Caitlyn's letter for July 20th!!!

This week was very productive. we got 2 new roommates that are english speaking! I had to take out half of my clothes from the extra closet i was using. sad day. it's ok though because it is hot here so I don't need my winter clothes at all:) 

My last time teaching a discussion in English was this week, then they all have to be in spanish. I am excited to get immersed in the language. I carry my dictionary and verb book around in my purse so I can speak spanish throughout the day. it's productive. 

I said the closing prayer in sacrament meeting!! it went well. my spanish accent is improving! we got 3 new hermanas in our district. they are very nice and it is good to have more girls around the classrooms. 

My sister liz sent me a lot of desserts and i ate them all!!! did not share! its' hard too because everyone else can eat the treats in the cafeteria all day. I need my special wheat, dairy & gluten free treats:) She can't send those all the time though or i will gain weight. haha. 

I got to play volleyball this week. some experienced girls are here, and we had a fun scrimmage! i was so excited.  

I am so happy that my sister Jillian had baby claire. she is so adorable. I started freaking out when I saw the pics that jill emailed me. the whole laundry room looked at me. haha. what a cute new niece:) made my week better to be able to get to see her. 

My week this week will be so busy. spanish, spanish, spanish!! weeks just fly by here. Soon I will be in Iowa! I feel myself starting to mature and become more responsible. It feels nice. well I love you all and miss you all. Read the Book of Mormon !! hehe. 

love, sister murphy

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