Monday, August 24, 2009

last week in mtc!!!

Hi everyone!

I only have two more days then I leave for Iowa! I am so excited! I have already paccked and sent boxes to Iowa full of books and letters. hehe. I am just doing my last loads of laundry at the MTC. SO symbolic I know.

This was a good week. Highlights included: going shopping outside of the MTC in Provo! My companions and I got special permission and we got an excort. I think she was annoyed with us because we went to too many stores. But I found nice walking shoes for Iowa and a nice blue skirt and matching jacket from Sister Missionary Mall. Wahoo!! It was kind of weird for us to leave our "bubble" at the MTC. People like to stare at missionaries with name tags on at the stores. Wednesday will be culture shock for sure leaving here for good.

Sunday was my birthday! I am the big 21 now. Good times. Thanks for the cards and presents in the mail! I waited and opened them all Sunday morning. I felt like a little girl, wearing my pink birthday tiera my mom sent me while opening my cards. My companions dared me to wear the tiara to breakfast in the cafeteria and ofcourse I obliged. I got some stares but lots of "happy birthdays!" The day got better because we got to participate in the Oquirrh Mountain Temple dedication. It was a special few hours for us missionaries to listen to the Prophet and Apostles dedicate the Temple!! Sunday night, as a district we cut my birthday cake (gluten-free! thanks mom) that my special diet cook had made for me and we opened up the rootbeers Dad sent me (thanks dad). It was so fun! My district president (who reminds me of Bompy) and his wife along with my class sang "Feliz Compleanos". Wahoo! Then to top it off...that night at the fireside, Elder Holman and Elder Clegg from my class sang at the fireside in front of all the missionaries! My class got to sit front row right in front of them. I was so stoked because they have beautiful voices!

Today has been a bit stressful. Going to the Temple was a relief because there isnt one in my mission area...but we will travel occasionally to the ones surrounding Iowa. Everyone from my class (including my companions) leave tomorrow morning except Elder Holman and me. I will have one day with my new companion, Hermana Hadley..she is one of my roomies.

Wednesday at the SLC airport I will see my mommy and at the Phoenix airport I will see Daddy, Heidi and Tommy (my district president said it was ok!) I am so excited! Then once I get to Iowa my mission president will be there to greet Elder Holman and me. He is happy we are coming! He e-mailed me and said he is counting down the days for us to arrive. He gave me permission to see Nanny and Bompy in Iowa if the timing fits. Thatll be cool!

This will be a crazy week of adjustment to a new home, companion and environment...but I know Heavenly Father will be there to help! Thank goodness I am not alone in this work. My third companion is the Holy Ghost! :)

I love you all and hope to hear from you soon in Iowa!

-Hermana Murphy

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