Wednesday, August 19, 2009

caitlyn this week!!!

Hi everyone! 

So this week was pretty sweet. lets see...same old same old. lots of studying and stuff. I am so excited...I go to Iowa on the 26th!!! :) I am so excited about leaving! I cant wait to share the Gospel with real investigaters! Enough of this role play investigater stuff! Real business! haha Cant wait! 

Highlights of this week include...talking to some real investigaters on the phone about the Book of Mormon- I cant believe how much spanish I can understand. Speaking it is a bit tougher- but once I start testifying the Spirit directs me and I make sense. Wahoo! 

Another funny thing that happened was that an Elder from my district ran into another Elder while playing softball,,,pe gets intense and he had to go to the emergency room! He is ok, after 10 stiches later. 

Other than that, just preparing to go and cram my spanish... this is a very big adventure. 

-Hermana Murphy

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