Monday, April 26, 2010


Hello Spring,
Well, the rain was pouring down this week...even when us Hermanas and the Elders were planting flowers for a we ran around and got soaked. It was hilarious! I woke up scared to death because the thunder and lightning storm was so loud. Hermana Reese has this weather alarm and it kept going off and telling us a tornado was coming. All I could think about was the Wizard of Oz. We survived so it was okay.
The lowlight of the week was the fact that Omar didnt follow through with his baptism. :( He is scared of committing to the Lord and being held accountable. We do take upon ourselves the name of Christ and there is responsibility with that...Christ is there to back us up if we do fall after baptism. We will never be perfect! We are made that way so we have to depend on God! (Ether 12:27) Ofcourse, it is scary! It is about faith and taking a step into the unknown and then receiving tons of blessings! I was nervous, then at my baptism I was overcome with the Spirit and knew it was the right thing! I am so thankful for my decision. Omar is going to keep reading in the Book of Mormon and praying; I know God will help him prepare more and increase his faith. Highlight of the week: Adela and Janeth coming to church and then going to Janeth's birthday party! We also went to a violin concert to a boy in the branch. It was adorable!
Hermana Reese is a wonderful companion. We are starting a 40 day fast where we sacrifice certain things for 40 days to bring us closer to the Lord. We want the Spririt more in our companionship. Itll be a challenge but its worth it. We each made our own lits and shared them with eachother.
I love you all! I get to talk to my family next week because its Mother's Day and we have transfers..I hope I stay here!
Hermana Murphy

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