Monday, April 19, 2010


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This week has been super busy and fun! Our investigators are doing good...Omar is ready to be baptized- we are helping him have confidence in his decision! He is nervous and excited. I explained to him how I was also nervous but we can't fear the unknown in this situation. We have to have faith in Heavenly Father and the answer we receive to be baptized and do it! He will opening a door to many blessings. His baptism is scheduled for this Saturday. Francisco is starting to understand the importance of the Book of Mormon. He is going to pray and I know he will receive his answer! He feels he needs to know everything before being baptized! So not true. We need to have a desire to follow Christ and feel the Holy Ghost testify to us that the Church is true..we continue to learn as members everday. I shared with him my experience of I didnt know everything but felt the Spirit while reading the BOM. My favorite scripture is Alma 32:28 talking about how we plant the word of God in our soul and if it is true, the seed will grow in our heart. I also compare it to a starts small but with daily nourishment of scripture study and prayer, it grows and grows!! Fransisco will come around, we hope to set a date with him soon. We had a great lesson with Angel. Hermano Otanez explained the restoration very clearly and Angel said if he receives an answer, he will follow it and be baptized. We had a strong lesson with Adela and her family. We watched "Finding Faith in Christ" and talked about how we can strengthen our faith. Adela wants to strengthen her beliefs, she feels like she doesnt have much faith left because of some experiences she has had. We will pump her up! We found some sweet new investies too...
Other news: The Zone leaders in our branch had a baptism. Ramon was baptized. He is going to be a strong member! I told him its the best decision he could be making. I beat Elder Finnerty at horse. The spring flowers are so nice! I love the Sunshine! I experienced an Easter aftershock thanks to Clay and Shelby..thanks!
Church was really crazy! We had a special seminary program during sacrament in spanish and english so us 4 missionaries got to translate in both languages..I taught the Old Testament class with Elder Finnerty. That was fun! I told the seminary kids they should be thankful they get to go to class every morning..I didnt have that. We taught about Moses and the ten commandments..we focused a lot on the first commandment about not having any other gods before Heavenly Father...there are many things in the world that can be considered, technology, fame..but all of that changes whereas Heavenly Father is constant. He has restored the Church of Christ again on this earth because that is His way of guiding us through a Prophet. We also acted it out where Moses went to talk to God and came back and the people started to worship a bull...I played the bull part. haha
Well lots has been learned this week and Im excited for another week of working hard and helping others grow in the Gospel.
love Hermana Murphy

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