Monday, February 1, 2010

Hello from Caitlyn!!!

Why hello!!!

Things are going well here in good old Iowa and Nebraska. We cross the state border probably 10 times a day. We are so blessed here! I love being a Spanish speaking missionary..even though they don’t always understand what we are saying they can feel the love of the Lord through our Spirit and smile! This week we contacted a lot of people and only one English speaking person accepted a Jesus Christ pass along card and about 50 Spanish speaking people accepted cards. Come on white people! J I love the Spanish culture and the love and warmth of the people. I can be myself and show all the love I want!

The Spanish part of the ward is really getting stronger. So strong we are going to start having sacrament, Relief Society and Priesthood classes in Spanish! We are so excited about this! Our members will be able to hear the word of God in their own native language rather than in English with missionaries translating to their best ability. We are so thankful for Heavenly Father’s hand in this work and try to show our gratitude everyday. We have been humbled and know we couldn’t do it without Him! Our recent converts are thriving. Amanda and Celia LOVE church and love to participate. I know their testimonies will continue to grow and grow. They are very happy…on Sunday Celia was smiling and I was like why are you smiling and she said Im happy! I thought that was cute. The Phillips family came to church, which made me so excited. I love them so much and Sonya said she really felt good at church. They haven’t been able to go since their baptism because of living conditions and being in Macy. They will be back next Sunday! Omar is nervous and excited for his baptism on February 9. He is finally letting the Atonement affect his life and forgive himself of his faults. We all have faults! Heavenly Father gives us weaknesses so that through Christ we can be made strong. Omar has been a great investigator and will make a strong member…he thinks deeply about life and knows that the baptismal commitment he is about to make is a huge promise to God as well as a step closer to living with God after this life. He is ready!

Other news: I got the flu this week! Lame! Amanda was so cute and worried… she bought me medicine at the store and a cute monkey stuffed animal that makes kiss noises! I am feeling better now! I also got two letters from Krisia! Her wedding photos are beautiful!! I put them on my wall in my room. All my girlfriends looked good and Krisia looked like an angel. Missionaries here thought we were sisters! Hehe Congrats Krisia and Kyle…hope you got my wedding card in the mail. So I now have a Koran..we have made friends with many Muslims here and exchanged a Book of Mormon for a Koran. Religion really does intrigue me. Hermana McGuire and I were excited when we made the trade.

Well I love everyone! We are working on making more baptismal dates this week and helping our investigators progress. Please pray that Heavenly Father will guide us to His children that are ready and willing to accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ into their life!

Hermana Murphy

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