Saturday, July 10, 2010

Staying in Des Moines!!


We got transfer calls this morning...I am staying in Des Moines which I am super excited about. I am sad though because Reese is leaving to go to Ottumwa. Meh! I love her so much. I love the other Hermanas too. I might be with Hermana Jordan (a little unlikely since she served here before) or my "daughter" Hermana McGuire. It'll be an exciting change. I get to drive again and do my best to get around..yikes. I get 6 more weeks of awesomeness in Des Moines.

First of all, exchanges went very well! Hermana Reese got to go on her temple trip because she is going home the end of I spent a day with Sister Spencer...I just love Sister Spencer. She has so much faith and love. :) I learned alot serving with her for a day, she was really good at sharing personal experiences and applying the lesson to the investigators. We also did splits again this Friday and it was awesome! We had some strong lessons, the testimonies of members are really making a difference. Hermana Crespo got to drive on the freeway which she never does..that was exciting. We also worked hard this week on finding fellowshippers for all the we made index cards for various members with lists of investies to call..we hope this will improve friendship and daily contact. Okay so I am going to give you the updates on the investigators...Angel is still working on getting a new job so he can come to church on Sundays. We feel that Heavenly Father is waiting for him to take a leap of faith and quit his second job which is on the week-ends. This situation is hard for me because he is so ready to be a member! He does his reading and feels that it is right..his baptism is just on hold right now..We had dinner with him! He made carne asada and it was really good. Hermano Santiago came with us and they are becoming good friends...We are focusing right now on teaching Angel the priesthood and his potential as a child of God. He can bless his earthly familiy by being a strong priesthood holder. :) Diana's situtation has gotten more complicated..she says she wants to be baptized this week-end but is having trouble committing to coming to church every sunday. We got the okay from her parents..we will see her hopefully today to see where her desires are. She moved to live with her Aunt down the street and now has been attending the Pentecostal church. We are praying so hard that she will be baptized, if not this week-end, soon! We had a good lesson with her Friday with the help of Hermana Crespo; we went through all the baptismal questions and she was good for the interview. Oscar has disappeared so we need to find him. Yaraira got sick this week so we havent seen her, we know she wants to be baptized so if not this week-end, in a few weeks. We are going to start preparing her more, she told us that her favorite thing to do in her free time is read the Book of Mormon. She is an angel! Gladis has made progress...likes reading the modern revelation of the leaders of the church. Her husband has now agreed to get married in the Catholic church..then Gladis can be baptized in our church. It is an interesting situation, but as long as she is married civily! I love her so of my best friends for sure. She wants the best for her family. She talked to her job and is working out a deal with her boss to hopefully train someone to work every other Sunday. We are planning a Branch soccer game to get her husband involved, he loves soccer. Fransisco is feeling better and started reading the BOM again, there is a new light in his eyes again. I was happy to see that. He will come around. We have had two strong lessons with Jenn recently..she is such a sweetie. She actually prayed this week again. PROGRESS. Sister Spencer made an impact on her, Im sure. We focused on the fact that she is a daughter of God and God wants to lead her in her life through the Spirit and prayer. She is going to still come to the Spanish branch, because she said it is like her family..but her and Jordan (RC) are going to go to YSA activities. I am excited for that because she will make more friends in the church! This week has been great, we went and visited a Christian Church because Jacob would come to ours if we went to his. Interesting experience...I love being a missionary and am learning more everyday..I have faith those we are teaching are going to be baptized! We are going to do all we can do and depend on the Lord. :)

Random highlights: We went to a birthday party for Esmeralda's husband..that was fun, we blew up like 50 baloons for it and we also went to a baby shower. Fiestas! We also ran into an old investie named Lorenzo..we are going to teach him again. Wahoo! I am doing well...really into studying right now. Ofcourse I think of questions everyday and am not afraid to ask..I am thankful for my fellow missionaries...I have started reading the BOM outloud in Spanish and it has helped.

Have a great week. :)

Love Hermana Murphy

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