Wednesday, July 28, 2010


We got transfer calls...drum roll please...staying in Des Moines and training again! YEAHHHHHHH. Training is such an important role, I know Heavenly Father will be guiding me and helping me! I love this area so much. Hermana Reese goes home to Utah, I am going to miss her so much. I have learned a lot from her and her sweet Spirit. Hermana McGuire is training in another city…I will have a “grand daughter” in the mission! It has been so great serving with Hermana McGuire another transfer, she is such an obedient hard worker. Here in Des Moines we are working with some amazing people; we were able to do lots of splits this week with Hermanas in the branch. I am so thankful for their help. I have seen the branch grow a lot since I have been here, much more supportive of the missionary work.
Pedro's baptism was so special last night! A recent convert, Yordan baptized him so that was really neat for him. Pedro was so happy and full of the Spirit. It was funny, while we were taking pictures Elder Nelsen told him to smile and show his teeth and Pedro responded, "there arent any." Even though he doesnt have many teeth he was stilling smiling big. We love him so much and are pleased with his desires to change through the atonement and follow Christ. On Sunday he had doubts about tithing and asked us questions during Sacrament meeting, then was happy to see that that was the topic of discussion in Sunday School. Heavenly Father has really been strengthening him. He is really happy with his new set of big scriptures, he committed to reading them every day..also looking at his CTR ring often. We will be visiting him every day until his confirmation on Sunday.

We decided to postpone Alejondro's baptism until August 7th with Hector. Even though he passed the interview we felt he didnt to be more fully prepared. I studied stewardship a lot this week and realized how important our role as missionaries is. Just like children, we need to prepare our investies to enter the world and fight the adversary. He needs to do that once he is fully prepared and then he can be held accountable for the promises he will make with Heavenly Father. This was a big growing experience for our companionship; not to push him but to be patient. He actually was content with that decision because he is confused on some doctrine and his family in Mexico arent supportive (they are Catholic). We plan on seeing him very often and going over all the lessons again (very basic.) We are also going to give him the BOM children's version so he can understand the stories better. He will be prepared! He has the desire to be baptized because he wants to follow Christ, but he needs to understand this is the only true church on the earth!

Unfortunately Hector's date needed to be pushed back as well...he broke the Word of Wisdom which he was following so consistently. Its ok though. He is determined and excited to be baptized on the 7th of August. He was sad last night at the baptism because he wanted to be baptized, but that just makes him want it even more! He understands the doctrine pretty well, we are just helping him accept the Atonement in his life. Once we repent, Christ doesnt hold us accountable anymore for that sin. That is the beauty of the Atonement! So merciful!

Elizabeth is doing very well and wanted to get baptized but her mom said she is too young. We are going to try to teach the mom more so that she can see how much Elizabeth knows and how responsible she is. She is ready to make this decision for herself! I see light at the end of the tunnel.

Jenn told Yordan that she didnt want to learn anymore, but then showed up at church and the baptism. We havent made an appointment with her...playing it cool. We will make one soon, because she was progressing! I think she got a little scared about baptism. She told us that she was paying tithing and fast offering. She is def a dry member. I hope she gains the confidence she needs from the Holy Ghost to have the courage to be baptized! I love her so much.

We had a strong lesson with Gladis and Eder about how the Gospel blesses families. We read the Family Proclamation and they really enjoyed it. Hermana Crespo was there and testified how much the Gospel has helped her and her husband and how they are going to the Temple to be sealed..and that made an impact on Gladis and Eder. The Spirit was strong! We are seeing them today and are going to teach the Restoration. Gladis is happy that I am staying. :) Me too! I see so much potential in this family. We will be planning another soccer activity to get Eder involved with the Hermanos in the branch. Gladis asked her boss for part of Sunday off..she said no. I told Gladis to explain the entire situation so she is going to. I am praying so hard that she will be able to live the Sabbath Day. She cant sacrifice her job for her family but I told her church is more important. When we read the 10 commandments, she realized that her job was an obstacle in her way back to Heavenly Father. She will figure it out.

As far as less actives...We are going to keep working with Hermano Lopez, we taught him about his role as a father and priesthood holder. We need to get a hold of Hermano Huizar, especially since we need to teach his wife!

The branch as a whole is doing great. The Ortegas (were less active) gave 2 talks on Sunday and did really well. I studied a lot of the General Conference Talks this week and we shared them with families in the branch. The talk by President Eyring about leading our children home to Heavenly Father and another talk about our mission as parents.

Other exciting things this week..I got to go to Bob’s birthday lunch and meet Bompy’s cousin, Diane and her daughter, Julie. That was so special! I also went to the zoo on pday with Jenni Crespo, Debby and Kevin. I love the zoo! I am going to go to the San Diego zoo when I get home. It is so neat to interact with other species. This week-end the Crespo family and Galvan Family will be going to the Nauvoo Temple to be sealed! I really want to go and support them, we will see if it works out. The Crespo family is like part of my family. Debby was so excited to find out I was staying, our birthdays are both August 23 so we will be having a joint birthday party. J Also this week-end my “mother” in the mission Hermana Madsen is coming to visit! She will be at the branch on Sunday when Pedro receives the Gift of the Holy Ghost. So many exciting things I cant handle it! The Lord sure is blessing us in the work. I love it.

Well, this week will be super eventful. I will let you know how it goes getting the greenie situated in Des Moines! Until Monday! Love you all.

Hermana Murphy

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