Monday, May 10, 2010

Letter from Mother's Day!

Hola Hola mi familia y amigos...
Feliz dia de Madres! yesterday was a GREAT day! We had a very cute Sacrament meeting because the primary sang hymns and gave their testimonies. I love primary! I hope to get a calling there someday down the road. Hermana Reese and I made a card with our picture on it for all the Hermanas in the branch, because they are all our mamas! They loved it! After church, we celebrated Mother's day with Hermana Cresp, Hermana Esmerelda and Debbie. I made a gluten-free cake to take with me! They all enjoyed it. I also had the opportunity to talk to my mommy and my step mommy on the phone! All my family is doing great and I love them so much!
Fransisco and Jorge were at church yesterday. They are troopers because they stayed all three hours! Wahoo! Fransisco has a baptismal date for May 30th, Angel for June 5th and Jorge for June 6th. We are working hard to help them be prepared for their baptisms. Fransisco is pumped about his scripture study; Heavenly Father is blessing him with knowledge and the Spirit! He smiles a lot now. Angel wasnt able to come to church because of work; he told us he might change his job to be able to make church more. We didnt bring that up but he decided on his own! Well...He feels the Spirit at church and wants that more with him. We are teaching Jorge and like 10 of his friends! Out of all of them, we least expected him to progress. He has completely surprised us my keeping commitments. He knows the BOM is true and told us he wants to be baptized. Two of his friends- Juan Carlo and Norma are learning and we are trying to set a wedding and baptismal date with them! :) Norma will be having a baby in July. What would be better for that baby then to be born in the covenant of the Lord!
We are working with some other great investigators! We really see potential with Gladis and Adela's family. Gladis has two brothers in the church and is eating up every discussion. She has many spiritual gifts and one of them is her faith! She will need to be married to be baptized...she is friends with the Santanas in the branch and Hermano Santana is a dj. We are planning a dance party! haha. Adela's daughters are excited about young womens and relief society..we will see how that goes.
We did splits again on Friday with Esmerelda, Hermana Crespo and Debbie. All our appointments for the night weren't there so Hermana Crespo, Debbie, and Kevin went tracting. It was so fun! Debbie has been teaching me alot about missionary work. She knocks the doors really hard, gives everyone pass along cards, testifies without hesitation and she is 8 yrs old! We found 5 people that we made appointments with...all thanks to Debbie and the Spirit ofcourse. We were at the doorstep of Martin Luna and he wasnt buying the whole organized church thing. As he was saying his goodbyes, I whipped out the Book of Mormon. That caught his interest, because he had never heard of it before. He asked me for that copy and I gave it to him! The power of the scriptures amazes me sometimes. I hope he reading the BOM right now!
I love you all. Miss you. Muah!
Hermana Murphy

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