Monday, October 11, 2010



The Lord blessed us with lots of lessons this week! He sure is guiding us by the Spirit to find new investigators and work hard. We are getting used to riding the bikes and getting the help from the members and investigators with rides. It is nice to see the members more as well as having the investigators serve us (then they love us more). Church went well yesterday! Jose Rubio came for the first time to our branch, Hermano Serrano came with Hermana Amaya (LA) and Profresso came for the first time. We helped with primary and the lesson was on missionary work, those kids are the cutest! They are learning young to serve the Lord. I approve. We even had a coordination meeting with the members of the branch presidency; they are willing to help us out. The branch presidency thanked us for our service, and that was nice to hear that we are appreciated. :) We expressed the need for fellowshippers as well as taking care of the recent converts. They are praying to call a new ward mission leader. We also taught Jose at Hermana Amayas house last night! We are teaching others in the houses of the members this week. So things are improving in our branch, in regards to missionary work. I felt impressed to share my testimony yesterday during Sacrament meeting and expressed my gratitude towards the members and how their testimonies have touched the people we teach. I remember saying, "you all have strong testimonies and they bring light into the lives of the investigators." The Spirit was helping me. :) I hope the members feel our love for them. We are looking for ways to serve them. We painted the Ortegas house and are offering our services to everyone. It was my first time painting and now I want to paint when I have my own house. Yipee! This week we are helping the Amalcans (LA) that recently bought a trailor. We are going to help fix it up and make it their home. They really appreciate having their space and their home, they are a good example for me of gratitude and humility.

The investigators are doing great! Jose is on date for the 30th of October. Serrano is preparing for the 13th of November. He and Hermana Amaya need to get married! We are working on it. Eder has really made progress. Lots of less-actives have made it back to church and that brings a lot of joy in my heart. Oh, how cute. But really, they are recognizing their testimonies and are make in the fold.

I was able to participate in Zone Leader Council, which was fun! It was 4 sisters and the Zone leaders of the mission. We received training from President Jergensen, Sister Jergensen and the APS. I learned about how to be a PMG missionary and how serve the branch I am working with. We set goals for the Des Moines mission, and it is sad I wont be here next year! A lot of the missionaries were in town this week because of leadership training, so we all need exercise together. We played bball and vball...I beat Elder Marshall at horse. I want to let everyone know that. haha. I like teasing him about it. The vball was a little scary. I got to see lots of my friends from the mission, and I said goodbye to them. It is weird going home soon. We have the Temple trip tomorrow to Nauvoo and Hermana Guthrie gets to come with me. It will be a blast!

love you all, kisses and hugs!

Hermana Murphy

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