Monday, September 14, 2009


Hi Everyone!

This week has flown by once again. I am enjoying getting to know Hermana Madsen better. We are learning how to work together as companions and teach together with unity listening to the promptings of the Spirit. I am looking forward to working with her and teach our investigators. I feel that we are here for a reason because we have connected with people very well. Our personal experiences seem to fit what they need to hear. Its amazing! I am so grateful to be a convert because I have been able to share things that have made a difference.

We set three baptismal dates this week! Bryan is an awesome 13 yr old who has really grown in the Gospel. Yesterday at church we were talking about people that have made differences in our lives… I mentioned my parents and he said Hermana Madsen and I have made a big difference in his life! He said before we taught him the lesson he wasn’t sure if he believed in God and Jesus Christ. Now he has more faith and wants to get baptized. I thought that was the cutest thing ever! I am excited for him and his continued progression. I explained a lot to him about how baptism is step in the dark but we need to trust God, then once we are baptized our lives are filled with more light than we could have imagined. Samantha is such a sweet girl. She has been taking the lessons for a long time because her mom is a member. She has special health conditions so her progress hasn’t been as quick as Bryans. She is going to get baptized though at the end of the month too! I know that the gift of the Holy Ghost will make such a difference to her and her anxiety. I think she will be able to be more calm and comfortable with the Holy Ghost as a constant companion. Emerita is a cute old Mexican lady J She is so willing to learn about the Gospel and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. We are so blessed to be teaching the Spanish people. They are so loving and welcoming. I just love them! Our area is full of them too! We got to go to a Mexican parade. That was some good times. I took a video of it and am sending it to Jilly. We ate great Mexican food and passed out lots of cards to people for free movies of Jesus Christ. We talked to 70 people! That was a lot in 1 hour. We wish there was a parade every week. L All the Spanish people of South Sioux come out for them so it’s a unique opportunity.

So highlights of this week…my Spanish is getting better. My companion told me she liked how “gungho” I am. Haha Walking up to Spanish people and attempting to communicate. They really do appreciate it and try to understand though. But a funny story (to me atleast) was when we had just contacted a refferel and were walking out of his house, I thought I recognized his friend outside (but was just another Spanish person) and I said “ Va returnar menana a 3:30.” HORRIBLE Spanish and I think its actually French. But the best part was how he reacted. He just stared blankly and shook his head. I laughed for awhile after that in the car. Spanish makes me laugh sometimes because it’s a little rough for me right now. I am thankful how much I have learned though for only knowing it for 3 months or so. Yesterday we went back to that same house to teach Cesar and his friends. Well it turned into Hna Madsen and I talking to a group of 15 men in the back yard and their Catholic Preacher about the Restoration of the Gospel through the Prophet Joseph Smith. Intense! I got nervous when the Preacher walked out but he was interested and wanted to learn. I asked them if they all lived there and they laughed and said no..they had been having a meeting for their church. Heavenly Father put us there on purpose! Throughout the whole lesson they all listened intently which was a first for that many people and understood our Spanish. Its intimidating speaking to Natives! Especially that many but the Spirit helped us say what we wanted to say. Thank Goodness.

Well I am excited for this week. We hope to set more dates with other progressing investigators. I love them all so much and want them all to find the truth. I learned this week that overall we can try our hardest and pray but its up to their agency to act on what we teach them. We had committed like 20 people to come to church and 11 did. I felt sad that 9 bailed but I was thankful for the ones that followed through. Just need to stay positive and keep working hard and Heavenly Father will take care of the rest.

Love you all and hope to hear from you soon!
-Hermana Murphy

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